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About NC Charmettes

Our Beginning

The North Carolina Chapter of Charmettes was installed in May 2006 at the West Palm Beach National Convention.  Charmette Evelyn Harris Wynn of Dade County served as the sponsor, and her sister Ruth Harris Terrell the organizer, later became the first president.  They were assisted by Charmette Bonnie I. Flowers, Past National Vice-President and Charmette Dothea Smith, Executive Director.  The interest group quickly completed all its organizing task and was ready to be installed within a year.  The present members reside in various cities in North Carolina, and thus began The North Carolina Charmettes, a state-wide chapter.  The 15 members continue to foster the Motto:  “Charm is the Essence of a Woman’s Power”.  Our goal is to continue to recruit and maintain members as we foster the legacy of our sisterly hymn: “We pledge our hearts, our strength, our Love for UNITY untold…


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